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Greg Pendura, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Mineworx Management Team - Gold Recovery from E Waste & Mining ProcessMr. Pendura has more than 35 years of experience in founding, financing and advising emerging private and public companies.

Mr. Pendura spent 12 years in the public sector with Resin Systems Inc.An original founder of the company he retired in 2007 as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. During his tenure with Resin Systems Inc., he was instrumental in the company achieving a market capitalization of over $200 million. He also successfully went on to raise $100 million + during the formative years.

Since 2007 Mr. Pendura has been involved in the precious and rare metal mining sector as a management consultant and Board Member.He also helped the company to raise capital and gain exposure in the marketplace. Mr. Pendura has been instrumental in the transformation of the Company into becoming a leader in mining technology sector with the acquisition of Mineworx Technologies.

Besides seeing sustainability as a means to balance economic environmental and social factor, Mr. Pendura also believes in remaining focused on maintaining a safe environment for employees, operating and developing precious and rare metal mines, keeping in line with fair environmental practices and abiding by a strong sense of commitment to the local communities around our operations.

Gavin Watkins, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Watkins played a significant role in the design, building and deployment of the cutting edge Mineworx technology. He is a highly effective operations and design lead with a proven ability to deliver on-time, on-budget projects by quality workmanship and is particularly noted for identifying and resolving the root causes behind significant problems.

Don Weatherbee, CPA, CMA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Weatherbee brings 21 years of finance and accounting experience in the mining industry. His experience includes over 10 years as a senior executive with KMC Mining Corporation, including 7 years as the CFO. Don has previously worked in both publicly traded and private organizations. He is an accomplished senior executive with expertise in planning, directing and coordinating all aspects of the operation.

Rick Gliege – V.P. Corporate Development

Mr. Gliege has over 25 years of leadership and advisory experience as a senior manager in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Gliege has focused his efforts in the venture capital sector since 2006 providing his experience in strategic planning, operations, corporate governance and compliance, marketing and the raising of capital.