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Vancouver E-Waste Facility

Mineworx Technologies and EnviroLeach Technologies

The spin-out of EnviroLeach Technologies (CSE:ETI) into its own publicly traded company has resulted in Mineworx holding a free sublicense in perpetuity to use the HM X-leach in its current business operations for the mining of precious metals.

Partnerships - EnviroLeach E-Waste Joint Venture | Mineworx Technologies

Mineworx – EnviroLeach Joint Venture


Mineworx and EnviroLeach have entered into a Joint Venture for the ongoing collaboration in the E-Waste sector. The “Brand Name” for all corporate owned E-Waste processing facilities will be called EnviroCircuit.  The strategic relationship was created in an effort to capitalize on the assets and skill sets of both parties to develop an innovative, turn-key and environmentally friendly solution for E-Waste processing. Mineworx’s equity participation and ownership within the Joint Venture will be 20%. In return for its share in the joint venture, Mineworx will provide its engineering design and fabrication capabilities and also grant EnviroLeach an exclusive license to use the patent pending HM X-Mill technology in all E-Waste processing solutions globally. 

Mineworx – Exclusive Technical/Systems Integrator for Mining and E-Waste Plants

Mineworx is the technology/systems integrator for the continued design, development and installation of the joint EnviroLeach/Mineworx process pilot plants and full-scale production facilities. This relationship will leverage and extend the Mineworx team’s expertise in design-build capabilities to the development of specialized industrial modular process systems and facility construction for the deployment of EnviroLeach systems globally in both the mining and E-Waste management sectors.